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pre-new year thoughts - unleash the kinkiness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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pre-new year thoughts [Sep. 14th, 2004|09:00 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

gosh this journal must be so boring for the about.....2 people who read it. haha sorry guys, really.

well yes, today was another relitavely good day. but i'm just warning you now i think every entry is going to say that because i've found that every day is a good day. i'm still alive, i've got a house, a family, food, clothes (well, weather having clothes is a good thing is debatable...) you get my point.

aced a french test that was pretty sweet, but i took an algebra test probslay didnt do so great on that. its weird, becuase usually when i think i'm ready for a test i dont do very good on it. so why do i study? its like no matter what i do i cant get those As that i used to get so easily, even when i DO try. and thast annoying becuase i want my guitar! and it depends all on my grades this quarter. UGHHHH

ha i think its funny/interesting/annoying how my parents have talked so much lately about the new year and rosh hashanah and being good, being bad, all that stuff...but if its always on their mind like they say it is, then they must be doing a reallllly shitty job at being good. i mean, is it really that hard to not yell at barak when he does a math problem wrong? is it really that big of a deal if i ask that tonight we have a non-fish/non-meat dinner becuase we've had meat for 12 consecutive days? is it worth yelling about if we leave the house at 7:31 instaed of 7:30?
i can undersatnd that some people are just angirer than others, have a worse temper, or are having a bad day, whatever. i dont think its justifited, but whatever i can undrstand that. but i do NOT think it makes it ok to act the way some people act (meaning my parents)
i wish i had the guts to tell them that this being good thing doesnt only apply to me. but i'm afriad they'll not let me go to camp or take away all my music or something stupid like that. lol sad how i'm scared of my parents