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YOU'RE A JOKE! - unleash the kinkiness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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YOU'RE A JOKE! [Sep. 15th, 2004|09:57 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

what do i mean by my subject? well, that is a direct quote from my dear sweet mother. allow me to elaborate

so this morning she told me that i have to clean my room before i go to school. well since it was wednesday i had extra time to get ready so it took me about 10 minutes to get dressed and put my hair up. the other 35 minutes i spent cleaning my room. so its time to go and i'm probably gonna be late, and then she yells at me about how irresponsible it was of me to leave a mess in my room last night, becuase i should have known the lceaning lady was coming today. i didnt know when the fuckin cleaning lady comes, i'm at school and my mom never tolkd me. (btw, the only thing left to pick up were like a few cds and an empty cd case on teh carpet) so she starts yelling at me and says we wont leave for school till i pick them up. so i do. and then she keeps finding more things for me to clean and i tell her that I dont have time for this, i'm gonna be late! and i dont care if i'm late, but if i am she better call school to say its her fault, not mine. because, it isnt my fault. its hers that she made me clean my room when its time to go.

well we finally leave and we're int eh car and she's yelling at me, so i defend myself. i mean, who wouldn't? especailly since i know i'm not wrong in saying that "i had to clean my room" isn't a valid excuse to be late for school for the 3rd day in a row. so then she gets pissed becuase i'm yelling back. but i wouldnt have yelled if she hadnt started scolding me!

so finally she's like "sarit you have a time out! shut up". ok whatever, i did. because i'm in the backseat trying to study for a biology quiz.

then she turns on teh music really fuckin loud. remember, i'm trying to study. so i poolitely asked her to turn it off because its disturbing my studying. she yells at me "i want to hear something good in my ears, not your stupid teenage mean talk".
yeah, so as usual, i'm the disrespectful, cynical teenager without values and she's right and i'm wrong.

then randomly she starts screaming about how if god is watching this and he weighed whats more imporant, being nice to your mom or not killing animals, he would no doubt say that animals dying doesnt matter at all compared to being respectful towrads your parents.
then i said "i dont care what ty our god thinks of me" and she says "YOU SHOULD CARE!"

Well i figure i cant win this fight nomatter how good my argument, so i just laugh to myself about the absurdity of it all and continue with my studying.

heres my favorite part:

my mom continues with her insanely loud yelling "you think you have all these values and virtues with your being nice to animals...it doesnt matter! it amounts to NOTHING if you cant even respect your own mother. it just turns your whole vegetarian thing into a joke. YOU'RE A JOKE!"

so yeah. the day started well.....ha.

i'm not gonna go off on my opinion of which is more improtant: being nice to your parnets or not killing living things, i doint feel like it and if you know me at all you proably know.


something i was thinking about last night....

no matter how much we dont want to admit it, we all want to be loved. some more than others, but we all want to be loved and accepted by at least somebody.

yes there are people who say they hate everyone and they dont need anyone. but i think inside they still at time wish someone were there to say they loved them, to confort them, to make them feel better about themselves. i'm not talking aobut girls who always need a boyfriend to say they're pretty. i mean more like a once in a while reminder that yes, i really am a worthwhile human being. and i think the reason people say that thats not true, is becuase by saying it that you start to believe it.