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another entry with no real point [Sep. 27th, 2004|09:35 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |feelin groovy-- simon & garfunkel]

i never really have anything interesting to write in here, i just get like, a sense of comfort and fun by writing. lol. well today wasn't too bad of a day. it was one less day of school, one less day till camp...all was swell (relatively) except for i got my ap us history test back. get ready for this...i got a mind blowing, ass kickin 51%!!!!!!! yeah thats right. lol its funy, i wasnt even sad for one second. i got it back and laughed at how bad it was and just blew it off. but 51, damn thats pretty low. whats kind of annoying though is that mr mooney graded it on a curve (which was to my advantage...or it should have been!) and everybody was getting really bad grades but then when he was almost finished checking the tests, rachel manasbach, being the studious genius that she is got a fuckin 49/50 and set the curve! so the curve was only one point or something. so i went from like, a 50% to a 51%. i got a 7/9 on my essay which is pretty okay.

so besides that horid but laughable score, nothing that special happened today. oh yeah i had a piano lesson with paula *cringe, middle finger goes up* and as dreadful as lessons with her are, it was even worse cuz my mom made me this fuckin nasty easy mac and i had a really bad stomach ache. so right before i walked into my leson i go "imma, i have the worst stomach ache. i hope i throw up all over paula's piano" and she got kinda pissed. lol i luahged though.

oh yeah! last night i was walking upstairs after being kicked off the computer and my mom goes "good night you kinky pumpkin!" haha awkward?!?! waht?! maybe. do you think i'm a kinky pumpkin? if so, is it kind of weird that my mom called me that?

sukkot starts wednesday night and i'm actually excited becuae i get to sleep outside! and its still early fall so the weather should be nice. i wont get the fuckin flu even though i have about 14 blankets. last year aviv didn't want to sleep outside cuz it was too cold, so i couldnt at all becuase my parents thought that some psychotic stalker would somehow know that a 14-year old girl is sleeping in her backyard and in the quite darkness of the night, come and rape me.

so the dmb/ben harper concert is in a week and i'm starting to sorta freak out becuase i dont have tickets. and that is becuase i have nobody to go with. i want to go sooo bad! and if i do get to go, i hope my mom can pay for my ticket because i dont have $47. but itd be pretty fuckin awesome if i could go...alan has fuckin front row seats! his buddy's mom got them cuz she works for the newspaper or something.

i think thats all, i realy want to go to bed. so good night.